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Interesting. Since this was recorded in 2016, I wonder if any of his concerns have been ameliorated with the recent FAA funding bill from a few months ago....

I think this guy is kinda approaching things from a conspiracy theory kinda view. I'll bet he worries about big brother watching him on the highways and in shopping malls and stuff also.

Plus, in the almost three years since he recorded this, the free market has come up with several ingenious, simple and (by airplane standards) affordable ADSB-out solutions that can be installed with minimum effort and expense. The most obvious of these are the units from uAvionix that replace a wingtip light or the tail light and fully comply with the mandate for under two grand.  However, there are many other solutions also, especially for the experimental fleet.

Finally, many of us don't even need the install to keep flying. I live in the sticks out in the NH mountains and don't go near Class A, B, or C airspace for months at a time. I can take my time getting equipped and let the market sort things out even further than it has already. Those of you based at a tower controlled airport or inside a 30 mile ring from Class B have a more urgent need but many folks are in no hurry.

It's coming, it's real, in the long run it's not avoidable for most pilots. I suggest we just deal with it instead of putting on the tinfoil hats this guy seems to think we need. I remember a similar uproar when transponder requirments first came out and then later the Mode C requirement. The tinfoil hat crowd proclaimed the end of the world then but our world seems to be doing fine.

Relax, take a deep breath, analyze the situation and do what is right for you. We're gonna be fine..........


Have to agree with your assessment - just thought that this was a very different and in depth approach to what is actually going to be required.

I'm like you - nearest ADSB airspace is 90 miles away.  The only reason I built and fly my 70wonderful  is for the pure fun and enjoyment.  Had a Cessna 182 for 27 years - others before that - and let that go by the wayside when I got the 701 up and running in 2010.  Been aviating since 1964 and the last thing I want is a complicated over bearing system or rules. You want to see complicated and overbearing just operate a Part 121 B 747 - 200 internationally.

Believe it or not at 76 years old I'm a spring chicken at our small aerodrome (U 03) with the oldest active pilot at 93 flying about once a week.

See you around the flag pole.

Phil Smith

I hear you, Phil, on the complicated rules and such for bigger planes. I'm only 70 but I did fly Part 121 for 30 years and USAF for 8 years before that so I got to experience complicated rules. I am really liking my retirement in the hills of NH flying pure VFR on nice days in lovely territory. My last IFR flight was in a Boeing 777 out of London Heathrow to my home base eleven years ago. I started as a Private Pilot in the 60's before going into the USAF and I am totally enjoying being back to just a fair weather VFR kinda guy at the other end of my flying career. I hope I am still active when I am 93 like your flying buddy!

Have many happy turns about a point around that flag pole.


Flying yesterday I had a good reason for liking ADS-B in and out, some yoohoo was flying in the area calling pattern positions incorrectly, No xponder as well. The other folks in airport area were easy to keep track of thanks to ads-b allowing more time to find the missing man!

love adding  ads-b situational awareness to my older reflexes

While I agree, this can help, as has been stated, those that do not have the system are not being seen, thus, as pilots look at the display and not out the window, how much are they missing?  Another problem I have with this, is out of the top five reasons for accidents, mid-air collisions is not there.  How about we make it mandatory to get an instrument rating instead of allowing pilots to just start with a VFR license?  The number one and two causes of accidents are loss of control and controlled flight into terrain, which the vast majority are from VFR pilots flying into IMC and not being prepared for it.  That would make a larger impact on safety, wouldn't it?  

If I understand the FAA website correctly, I believe those that do not have the ADS-B system can still be seen if they fall into the below category. I believe this was changed in 2015 to allow those planes to be seen. Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding this. 

"TIS-B is a client-based service that provides ADS-B Out/In equipped aircraft with surveillance information about aircraft that are not ADS-B equipped. To qualify as a TIS-B target, an aircraft must be equipped with a transponder, and be within radar coverage."

You're correct, JIm!  An ADSB-In equipped aircraft (if within the "donut" of ADSB ground reception - the "donut" will be centered on the ADSB-equipped aircraft if it is also squawking ADSB-out) will "see" aircraft with a transponder only if that aircraft is in radar coverage. 



in 47 years of flying ive used flight following only about 5 times. Its ok if you want to practice talking to atc, but I did that when flying IFR. Not saying I don't ask for advisories when in a Radar services terminal area, but for example Ive flow XC from coast to coast N S and EW without straining the system, and now with ADS-B  I can get a better idea. Example today flying in marginal VFR in area , talking to another aircraft in pattern (area) via Unicom and ads-b certainly improved safety

seems like an ATC promo 


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