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David, question for you please.  I think you said you have the non-portable version, correct?  Does this mean that you have your antennas mounted on the exterior?  Any suggestion on which antenna/coax I should use?


yes I have two external antennas

one is a inexpensive rod antenna used for transponders, about $28 on ebay for the

978 receive 

a second blade type, if I remember it’s a delta pop? For experimental use about $70 available from the company EFB site and I believe aircraft spruce, for 978 transmitting 

for 1090 I originally used another rod antenna, but was having some problems, from from Skyguard told me to use the inside rubber duck for 1090, 1090 is high powered transmitters, putting out about 200 watts, so an external antenna wasn’t necessary and cleared up my problem

im a ham radio operator so all this stuff is elementary to me.

for coax I used rg400 premise cables from a guy on eBay, search rg400 BNC to Tnc

About $30 a cable, you will need two 

let me know if you need any more info


Thanks Dave

David, now that I got the equipment, I believe the cables should be:

Transmitter: BNC Male (Equipment side) to BNC Male (depends on Tx antenna)

Receiver: SMA Male (Equipment side) to BNC Male (depends on Rx antenna) (Not TNC)

Please correct me if I'm wrong


I may have gotten that tnc/ sma  messed up

thanks for the corrrction


Thanks so much again. That was a heck of a find. I still wish I could get 1090 to try for >18k, but for $380 with antennas and coax and shipping I really cannot complain. Now this is making me want to get a skyview so I can do something with that sweet sweet TIS-B and FIS-B (Besides put it on my iPad).

Curious if you have dug into the settings very much. It looks like the only baud rate it supports for TIS-B and FIS-B is 460,800 which is asinine. Seems the standard is 38,400 with the max being 115,200 for EFIS'. I emailed Don to see if he knew if I could change it but I do not have the unit yet so I do not have a serial number.

Factory settings work fine, if it’s not broke, why fix it?

For my application... I'm planning on connecting to my GRT Sport SX... the SX's baud rate is much lower (9600), so the recommended way to attach is via the USB port.  (Per Skyguard, it's been tested with the GRT)

That helps, thank you! I currently have a Dynon D10 and am looking to upgrade. I want to stick with Dynon since it's already wired for it, but the GRT have been looking quite nice recently for the price. As I understand it, Dynon only supports ADS-B in with their own module. This working with the GRT might be the straw that causes me to ditch Dynon.

Dylan, I received mine on Saturday... I downloaded the Skyguard app for my ipad, and the unit I received has a cigarette lighter power cord.  I'm heading out now to a local ads-b tower to check functionality (make sure the unit can receive from the tower, etc).  I'll let you know what I find out.

Awesome, thank you for the confirmation. Guy was a pleasure to work with and you cannot beat the price. Made out with two antennas for $25 each and he threw in some coax for $10. I will be all in for less than $400, I'm ecstatic.


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