Just uncreated my new 912 and installed the ring mount, but the lower left water pump elbow sits too close to one of the ring mount brackets, can’t install the hose and the clamp because of the lack of clearance.  Any ideas? Seems this issue would be worked out by now.


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Hi Jim,

There’s a Homebuilt help video with instructions on how to rotate the elbow to clear the ring mount. My local expert suggests removing it completely and refitting it to the correct orientation with fresh Loctite to make sure it won’t leak. If you just turn it a little bit, apparently the loctite seal is broken and it may leak.

There may also be something on Rotax-owner.com and YouTube. It’s worth watching the video. It shows how to apply heat and use some wood dowel to avoid damaging the fitting.

Good luck.

Rotax Heavy Maintenance Manual, 75-00-00 page 13. No Loctite required, but there are important details to watch, such as one of the bolts is stainless and must not be confused with the other bolt.

Thanks gentlemen! I searched Jon’s entire home built help library on you tube but came up empty. I have the home built help Rotax install video, it’s helpful but does not address this issue.  I found a pipestrel owner’s website where he documented doing this with photos including using the dowel rod to rotate the bent socket, and although it’s well done, it contradicts the heavy maintenance manual regarding temperature required to break the bent socket locktite bond, and the manual is scant on practical application instructions.  Is there a video link you can post up? Although I put a 750 degree heat gun on the socket attach point for seven minutes today, the darn thing won’t budge. I spoke with Roger and sent him some photos, I await his response.  It’s frustrating as this has stopped my forward progress and, c’mon man, the ring mount has been around for years now and this is a new engine right out of the box. Ah well. 

Jim, have you posted on rotax-owner.com ? The guys there will help you out.

  • Heat the tube gently with a heat gun.this will allow the loctite to soften just enough to rotate it to a position you need...then let it cool. No need to remove the outlet.hope this helps jim

Thanks Shawn, will try again today

Hi Jim, just a heads up I also had to re-position my water pump elbow outlet. Heated it up and did the reposition of the elbow. Fitted it back to the motor and now have a water leak from the elbow.So now need to remove the water pump housing remove the elbow and apply new loctite. Now that the motor is installed on the plane this is a headache job to do.

Ouch- sorry about that Raymond.  That’s my concern as well and a reason I’m a bit aggravated that I (anyone, really) just bought a new FWF kit and new 912 yet here we are disassembling and modifying new engine parts. Did you completely remove the tube, clean and install new locktite or did you heat, reposition, and reinstall? 

Thanks for sharing


Sorry I may not have been clear, plus I have another question. Did you remove the elbow or just heat it and reposition it?  Also, how did you heat it? As stated earlier I’ve put a 750 degree heat gun on the attach point for almost 7 minutes, it was very hot, yet it won’t budge and I’m afraid to get it too hot as I fear warping the machined flat face that mates to the engine. 

790 degrees for 11 minutes with the directed nozzle tip inside the pump and touching the pump housing finally did the trick. 

So now I can play with different positions- but I regardless of how I position the 80 degree lower left bent socket, I have either ring mount interference with the hose clamp, or a hose kink. 

So I found an S shaped formed heater hose at my local Advance Auto parts and it works quite well in conjunction wih a slight reposition of the 80 degree bent socket. 


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