Hi all, I've just removed the Shock Ring on the nose gear as it needs to be replaced because its frayed and over 5 years old.

I measured the old one that came off and it was 25.5" long so I thought I needed a 1080 (5/8" x 8") but it looks to be too long when fitted (you can fit the ring on by hand and with the aircraft resting on 3 wheels the top of the nose leg sticks up by about 1/4").

The old ring was much tighter and the nose leg was flush with the top mount. Has anybody ever fitted a 1174 ring?

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Shock cord ring is # 1080HD sold at Aircraft Spruce. Use a 1/2" drive rachet to install (picture on my web page this site). stick to the plans... it has served you well for 5 yrs. Find another Zenair flying buddy, and split the costs..they are sold in pairs for some reason?

Hi Martyn

I am also having this quest: my shock ring seems too long when the nosewheel are full down (longest).

And this is a new ring, come with my new kit (new kit 3 years ago, mounted the ring for 6 months ago)

I mounted it with my littlefingers....and it seems like it can "fall of" (on the front side oufcourse).

So i dont know ?

Hi Einar,

Sounds like your having the exact same problem as me.

I fitted the 1080HD as suggested but it's still the same. As I didn't build my plane i'm unsure of what was fittted initially, maybe someone fitted a different ring for one reason or another? The old ring was much more difficult to remove (I ended up cutting it through so as to save the skin on my knuckles!) which suggests it was slightly shorter than the new 1080HD. I'm still trying to work out why this is happening.

If you check out my page on this site, in my pictures, picture 120-2002 is a picture showing old and new bungee and old and new vertical lower channel 7F7-2C.  This may be your problem.  I have a older 701 and i up graded to the newer 7F7-2C vertical lower channel when I change to a new bungee cord.  As you will notice in my picture the difference in the bungees and the vertical lower channel.  Also is &F7-8C in the right place? Hope this helps.


Pat Nesbitt

I'm beginning to suspect that the vertical lower channel may have been put in the wrong place. I will have to contact the previous owner/builder to see if they can shed any light on it.

I too have this problem, my 701 was built in 1995 and the nose-leg channel is the early type with the bungee pin installed lower down the channel so now I have to try to source a longer bungee. Does anyone know how the bungee rings are measured, is it outside diameter or inside diameter of the ring?

My kit is an older kit but my bungee cord is way too long for my application. I might have one for someone looking for a longer one.

I would be interested Vance if it is the right size. I think that they are measured by the inside diameter. What I did was to take a piece of string and run it around the the inside circumferance and then calculate the diameter. The length I need has a circumferance of 32 1/4" that makes it approximately 10 1/4" diameter.

Maybe we could do a swap as I have just bought a new one from Zenith, Part no: 1080 for the 701 and that is approximately 8" diameter



I'm afraid I've the same problem with my 701 built in 1998...

Impossible to find the right bungee in France, the dealer sold me one too short, so I've made a "personnal" one... but it's too soft !

Have you find the right one for "old" 701 ?

thank you


I have a spare one here that I will give you if you pay carriage. It's the one I took off when I got a new one but it is in pretty good condition.

I did get a new one and I will post the place to get it and the size to order later.

Or you can e-mail me at aviator@post.pl

Regards, Michael

Hi Michael and thank you for your proposition... I'll send you an email !

My 701 is a "czech aircraft" as well ... it must fit ;)



Older CH701, the light weight version, use Taylor #8097 bungee. The size shown on plan is 1/2" X 9 7/8". The ring on the right of the picture by Dominique Katan looks like it.

Chief Aircraft sells them at $36.50 a pair. See :<http://www.chiefaircraft.com/tts-8097.html&gt;



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